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    There are Teacher’s Guidances available for each week at the Teacher’s Guidance Page


    Week 1: The Stock Market Demystified

    The module begins with an explanation of the markets and their function.

    What is the stock market? (Explanatory Video here)

    Why bother with the stock market? (Explanatory Video here)

    Videos of Ronaldo & Coca Cola – see Videos Page



    Week 2:
    Speculator vs Investor

    The stock market isn’t for everybody as there is a big difference between speculating and investing. It’s important to know the difference.

    Video of Wall Street – see Videos Page

    A Day in Wall St

    SALE!!! (Explanatory Video here)



    Week 3
    : Different Products on the Market

    There are various ways to gain exposure to equities (and indeed, every other asset class). These two classes explore the possibilities in an interesting way!

    Irish Investment Opportunities – What do you want to do?

    (Explanatory Video here)

    You are the financial advisor…

    (Explanatory Video here)



    Week 4
    : Construction of a Portfolio & Importance of a Strategy

    A handful of stocks doesn’t make a balanced, effective portfolio. A journey will result in procrastination without a plan. This week focuses on putting some shape on one’s finances!

    Construction of a Portfolio

    (Explanatory Video here)

    Construction of a Portfolio Worksheet

    Importance of a Strategy

    (Explanatory Video here)


    Week 5: How to value stocks

    The secret of all successful investors… where to spot the value!

    Dividend Yield

    (Explanatory Video here)


    (Explanatory Video here)



    Week 6:
    Portfolio & Compounding

    Instead of consuming now, we invest for later, but what would be the end result?

    Google Finance Explanatory Video

    The Power of Compounding

    The Power of Compounding Worksheet

    (Explanatory Video here)


    Week 7: Exchange Traded Funds & Investment Clubs

    Modern day issues in the stock market that students will come across in life.

    Exchange Traded Funds

    ETF Worksheet

    (Explanatory Video here)

    Investment Clubs

    (Explanatory Video here)

    Week 8: Brokers & Online Trading

    Theory meets the practical when you take the plunge and execute the trade. Make sure you do it the most cost-effective and suitable way for you!


    Brokers Explanation Video

    Broker Profiles

    Customer Profiles

    Online Trading Software

    Online Broking

    Video: Calculate Quantities after Commission and Stamp Duty

    Virtual Online Trading Software Tour

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